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Resounding 2020 for Kaunis Iron

Press release -

Resounding 2020 for Kaunis Iron

Despite the pandemic, Kaunis Iron can summarise 2020 as a record-breaking year.
Record production and record income.
– The iron ore industry is among the few growth industries, largely because of higher iron ore prices, driven by continued strong demand in China, says Klas Dagertun, CEO of Kaunis Iron.

In many industries, 2020 goes down as a year of crisis, but not the mining industry. Big demand for iron ore from such countries as China and reduced supply after production issues in South America are raising price levels.

Klas Dagertun, CEO of Kaunis Iron:

– As a relatively new mining company we have benefited from this. In 2020 we have achieved our production goals and definitely exceeded our expectations in practically every area, economically speaking.

    The record figures

    +338 million

    Net sales grew by 338 MSEK, from 1,619 MSEK (2019) to 1,957 MSEK (2020).

    +176 million

    Profits increased by 176 MSEK from 307 MSEK (2019) to 483 MSEK (2020)

    +183 thousands 

    Production of iron ore products increased from 1 901 000 (2019) to 2 084 000 (2020).

    Read the whole year-end report here >



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