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Kaunis Iron rocks 2021!

Press release -

Kaunis Iron rocks 2021!

Despite a turbulent world market and a long drawn-out pandemic, Kaunis Iron can label 2021 as another fantastic record-breaking year.
“Despite large and sudden swings in market prices which are totally beyond our control, through luck and skill we have managed to successfully stay on course despite the challenges we have faced and we can state with confidence that 2021 is our best year yet,” says Klas Dagertun, CEO, Kaunis Iron.

The year has been one of abrupt swings both in iron ore market prices and the cost of sea freight. But production in the mine has been stable and the future looks bright.

Klas Dagertun, CEO, Kaunis Iron:

“The price of iron ore has stabilised at levels somewhat higher than last autumn’s low, and demand for our product is strong. As industry after industry gets back on its feet of the pandemic, the situation looks bright for 2022.”

Record results

+944 million

Net sales increased by 944 million kronor, from 1,957 million (2020) to 2,901 million (2021).

+499 million

Profits increased by 499 million kronor from 483 million (2020) to 982 million (2021)

+83 thousand tonnes

Production of iron ore products increased from 2,084 thousand tonnes (2020) to 2,167 thousand tonnes(2021).

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