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ISO certification of our quality and environmental management system

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ISO certification of our quality and environmental management system

Kaunis Iron is now ISO certified in two areas: quality and environment. This means that external auditors have examined our processes and seen that we meet the set requirements. The requirements are about having clear routines and good documentation, and about following the work methods we have decided.

Åsa Allan, Deputy CEO:

“Certification is a seal of approval which shows that we work in a responsible way. It is also a way to show our customers that we have this systematic work approach, which is something they appreciate and sometimes demand.”

Emma Grönberg, Environmental Manager:

“I felt that the auditors carrying out the certification were pleasantly surprised at the level we maintain – something you don’t always expect when an operation has only just been certified. They were here for a week and met with every section of the company.”

Two certificates are in place, then, but there are plans for more in the future.

“Also in the areas where we are now certified the work will continue – you can always improve and develop further. What we see ahead of us now is the process for ISO certification of the work environment, an extremely important area to us,” says Emma Grönberg.

The work does not finish with certification: the management system now needs to be maintained and continually reviewed.

“The next time we are audited, the auditors will follow up that we really have worked in the way we stated, so it is a question of keeping this up. The basis is that this makes things easier for our employees and serves as a helping hand, so it is an excellent thing,” concludes Åsa Allan.

From the auditors’ report:

“A summary of the audit shows that Kaunis Iron has built an operating system, that is, an integrated management system, which in a clear way combines a genuine entrepreneurial spirit with structured operations management, management that takes into account business goals, corporate culture and clear social responsibility. The overall impression of the auditing team is that there is solid commitment and know-how in every area of the company, both regarding the company’s success and the social return created. The dedication of the top management, in combination with the design of the management system, creates conditions for the management system to make a clear contribution to Kaunis Iron’s journey towards its vision – “to develop the world's most sustainable iron ore.”


Welcome to Kaunis Iron!

In Pajala, 10 miles north of the Arctic Circle and in the middle of beautiful Tornedalen, you will find Kaunis Iron.

We are a new and modern mining company that mines iron ore, which we then refine and sell to the world market. Our unique iron ore concentrate, with its quality and environmental advantages, is already in high demand among the world's steel mills.

The aim is an annual production corresponding to 2.1 million tonnes of finished product.

Kaunis Iron

Bert-Ove Johanssons väg 8
984 91 Pajala